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Wineries near Nagambie VIC

Guests staying at Centretown Motel will find Nagambie Victoria and the Goulburn Valley Wine Region is a region that is growing in stature. There are cellar doors in Nagambie where guests can do wine tasting and enjoy excellent meals. There are also wineries within a short drive that are well worth a visit.

Wine production in the Goulburn Valley date back to the 1860’s with the nearby Tahbilk winery being one of the oldest and most established. Phylloxera, an almost microscopic, pale yellow sap-sucking insect that feed on the roots and leaves of grapevines devastated wineries around the world in the mid 20’s. Due to the sandy soil in the region, Tahbilk was one of the few wineries to withstand Phylloxera. Today, the region is home to the oldest and largest plantings of Marsanne grape variety of white wine grapes most commonly found in the Northern Rhône region of France. The area also produces Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling and a variety of Shiraz with unique flavour and longevity.

As well as vineyards, the Goulburn Valley has abundant orchards producing some of Australia’s best apples, pears, peaches and other stone fruits.

If you’re looking for holiday accommodation for your winery tours, Centretown Motel can provide you with more details on visiting the area’s wineries.

Goulburn Valley Wine Region

Tahbilk Cafe & Cellar Door
254 O’Neils Rd, Tabilk VIC 3608
(03) 5794 2555 ‎ · www.tahbilk.com.au

Goulburn Terrace Winery
340 High Street, Nagambie VIC 3608
(03) 5794 2828 ‎ · www.goulburnterrace.com.au

David Traeger Wines
139 High Street, Nagambie VIC 3608
(03) 5794 2514 ‎ · www.davidtraegerwines.com.au

McPherson Wines
Goulburn Valley Highway, Nagambie VIC 3608
(03) 9832 1700 ‎ · www.mcphersonwines.com.au

Murphy Wines
377 High Street, Nagambie VIC 3608
(03) 5794 2074 ‎ · www.murphywines.com.au

254 O’Neils Road, Nagambie VIC 3607
(03) 5794 2555 ‎